At the office. At home. On the road.

Work productively everywhere

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be provided in its classic form – on your personal servers (On-Premise) – or in the cloud, and users can access the solution via role-based interfaces – on your desktop, in a browser or mobile app on a tablet or smartphone. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can work productively at any time and practically everywhere – whether you are at the office, at home or on the road.

The client options


In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows-Client, you will find the role centre as the starting point of the ERP solution. The role centre can be individually customized to the requirements of each specific user, based on the respective role, the client and the daily tasks. In addition, the role centre is available in all other Client types.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web-Client supports the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows-Client. The Web-Client provides users access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV data via a network (for example, the internet). As it is browser-based, users can access Microsoft Dynamics NAV from everywhere and without their own individual Client-Installation.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet-Client is oriented to the user in small and medium-sized businesses who wish to access data from the ERP system from a tablet. The advantages of tablet solutions include portability and flexibility if a user wants to work on-the-go, such as on the train, rather than at their desk.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Mobile-Client is Microsoft Dynamics NAV for iOS, Android and Windows. Access all of your data by simply establishing a connection between your smartphone and your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 server, and use the familiar, role-based environment and functionality on your mobile end device.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint-Client enables you to process data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV within the context of Microsoft SharePoint-Website – both with SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Promise. Your users can combine the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint in order to establish common work areas and share data and knowledge with other people in the company.