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The Synergy Between Microsoft and the Wood Industry.
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Microsoft - A Solid Foundation

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of the wood industry with our tailored Microsoft integration. From powerful data analytics through Dynamics 365 to seamless communication with Office applications - our solutions offer you a holistic approach. Transform your business processes, increase efficiency, and solidify your position in the wood industry. Discover the benefits of Microsoft technologies and shape the future of your company.
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Power Platform

Strengthen your business processes in the wood industry through seamless integration of the Microsoft Power Platform. Utilize the power of Power BI for comprehensive analytics, design customized apps with Power Apps, effortlessly automate workflows with Power Automate, and deploy intelligent chatbots with Power Virtual Agents. Unleash the full potential of your data and enhance efficiency at every step of your value chain.

365 Dynamics

Optimize your wood industry operations with Dynamics 365. Benefit from seamless integration through Dynamics Commerce for efficient sales management, Dynamics Finance for precise financial control, Supply Chain Management for transparent supply chains, and Field Service for effective field service processes. With these powerful applications, you'll get a comprehensive solution that boosts your operational efficiency and takes your business to the next level.
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365 Office

Give your ERP system an innovative dimension with our seamless integration of Office products. Maximize collaboration through Teams and SharePoint, efficiently analyze data with Excel, and securely store your documents in real-time with OneDrive. This integration of Office applications not only strengthens communication but also elevates data management and analysis to a new level. Boost your productivity and stay effectively connected at all times.

Benefits of Combination

Here are some benefits of combining various Microsoft services & apps:

Seamless Integration

The tight integration of the Power Platform with Dynamics and Office allows data and processes to be seamlessly exchanged between different systems. Information can be easily transferred from one application to another, improving efficiency and avoiding duplication of work.

Business Process Automation

The Power Platform provides the ability to automate business processes and create workflows between Dynamics and Office applications with Power Automate. This allows manual tasks to be automated, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

By integrating Power BI into Dynamics and Office, companies can conduct extensive data analysis and create meaningful visualizations. This enables companies to make informed decisions based on real-time information and improve business outcomes.

Custom Applications and Forms

With Power Apps, companies can develop custom applications and forms tailored to their business processes. These applications can be seamlessly integrated with Dynamics and Office to enable efficient data collection and processing.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Office applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams are tightly integrated with the Power Platform and Dynamics. This promotes collaboration and communication within the company by allowing information and documents to be quickly shared and collaboratively edited.

Scalability and Flexibility

The combination of Power Platform, Dynamics, and Office provides companies with a scalable and flexible solution. They can customize and extend their systems and applications to meet changing requirements and the growth of the business.
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Do you need more detailed information about the functionality of Power Platform, Dynamics, or Office?

Below are useful links, guides, free training, and documentation provided by Microsoft.
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