It doesn’t get any better than this – up-to-date product information from a single source

acadon_pim (product information management) – managing all product data in one system

As soon as product information is needed, for example to provide a webshop with data or generate a product catalogue, those involved find themselves faced with a sizeable challenge. The required product information must be complete, current and quality-assured: this is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process.

With product information management (pim), you would have to gather all relevant data from a whole range of sources. Within a company, product information is distributed across several servers, in a range of software systems, in tables, text files, image directories and DTP files. There are often several copies of files in different versions. Amendments to data and documents are not clear, as information is missing about the last editor. Research is needed to find out which information is up-to-date and correct: all of this can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive, and it puts a strain on the resources at hand.

If there is no pim system in place, the options for product communication and management are very limited.

Everything in one system

The ERP application is the central hub for product management. As a result of more extensive and complex ranges of items, product data must be filed and managed in the application efficiently, reliably and in media-neutral formats. This task is taken over by acadon_pim, which is integrated in the merchandise management system. The central data storage results in a reduction in maintenance expenditures, prevents double entries and transfer errors, and increases the quality of the data.

The acadon_pim contains all necessary functions for the storage, management and processing of product data. All the required product information is kept in the central product database for further processing.

Comprehensive product information creates a sense of trust with the customer. Detailed product data, features and function descriptions help the customer find the right product to meet their needs; that’s why sound and up-to-date product data is playing an ever-increasing role in customer communication.



acadon_pim provides just that

Data management

  • Classifying data: Development of hierarchies to structure the item range, with the aim of finding items more quickly and rendering data maintenance easier by means of information sourcing.
  • Processing data: Items come to life when they are provided with additional information, such as features that specify the product in more detail, descriptive texts or application information.
  • Media allocation: The allocation of images and documents, such as handbooks and assembly information, that make the item in the catalogue or webshop attractive to the customer.
  • Internationalization: Translation of the text for a multi-lingual product presentation.
  • References: Allocation of accessories, alternative or replacement items. Quality assurance: Using checklists to check your data for completeness and consistency, thereby ensuring that only tested and approved information is published.


Data integration

  • Classification systems such as BMEcat, Datanorm, eClass, ETIM or CSV can be used to automatically import supplier information in a range of formats into acadon_pim. This facilitates data collection and supports you with the input of current and extensive supplier data into your system.

Data output

  • Communication with the customer is no longer limited to printed media, such as catalogues, product data sheets etc. For some time now, people have had access to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. which, in addition to private websites and webshops, can be supplied with up-to-date product data. And not forgetting your own sales force, who rely on the most current and comprehensive information for customer Meetings.

acadon_pim ensures that everyone has access to high-quality product information stored in a central system. Through the strict separation of content and design, you can be flexible when it comes to the design of your templates for a variety of applications, such as Word, Excel, InDesign, websites, webshops or mobile apps.

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