Journey optimization & journey planning

Fewer kilometres, lower costs, less time on the road

Journey planning & route optimization connected to the acadon industry solutions

Anyone who transports goods has to keep their eye on the route, costs and time. For an optimal journey planning procedure, all the relevant data has to be taken into account, such as restrictions for lorries,individual vehicle profiles, transport, CO2 emissions and toll charges; all of this must be considered when planning the trip and optimizing the order of your stops. As a result of the great number of potential solutions and various restrictions that must be observed, journey optimization is a very complex topic. By mastering this complexity, you can scale back on the number of kilometres covered, as well as on costs and time on the road, and improve your your punctuality.

Journey planning & journey optimization with the professionals

The acadon_tour.optimizer Business App is the right choice if you wish to optimize the use of your fleet, reduce costs and facilitate scheduling. acadon_tour.optimizer is based on the latest PTV* technology, features a user-friendly design, an intuitive operation and is fully integrated in acadon’s industry solutions.

acadon_tour.optimizer automatically plans your orders for optimized journeys. During this process, the journey optimization software takes any restrictions into account, such as crane loading, forklift trucks, long vehicles, weights and volumes, which are relevant to both you and your customer. The journey optimization software is as unique as you are.

Reduce costs

The acadon_tour.optimizer can be adjusted extensively to your process requirements, system landscape and complex planning tasks. Cut your costs by efficiently optimizing your journeys. The journey optimization software offers support with an automated planning function, which in turn improves the capacity of your resources. This leads to an optimal planning of your drivers, vehicles or trailers. Even with smaller fleets, you can make potential savings in:

  • sequence
  • number
  • duration
  • journey lengths

Shorter planning times

Improve your customer service through quick and reliable planning and efficient journey optimization. Depending on the extent of the journey, manual journey planning may take several hours. With acadon_tour.optimizer, you can reduce your planning times. Improve the service you provide to your customers through subsequent planning.

Offer the scheduling department a helping hand

Relieve your scheduling department of their workload a little through automated journey planning. With acadon_tour.optimizer, you have all the important information you need at a single glance. Benefit from:

  • An automated and standardized working method
  • Fewer errors and better results
  • An overview of all data and impacts upon amendments to orders, vehicles or customer orders

Our basis for the journey planning and route optimization – solutions from the PTV Group

The PTV Group provides software and consulting services for transport, transport logistics and geo-marketing. Whether it’s transport routes, distribution structures, private or public transport – with PTV solutions, anything that transports people and goods can be planned and optimized. The headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany. PTV solutions are used as the base technology for the acadon_tour.optimizer.