Document Management System

Find. Everything. Fast.

With the, you will have document management under control

The management and organization of documents is an immense undertaking for businesses and employees. Document filing is often organized according to the principle of “just do what you want,” i.e. not at all. This les to additional work, frustration, great effort when it comes to research, and therefore also to greater costs.

The assists with the input, storage and recovery of external and internal documents. And all completely integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Finding data is easy

It always seems to happen when you are short on time: A supplier inquires about a decision on an offer that he sent by email, or a customer wants to discuss their order confirmation – which was sent by fax or email – with you as soon as possible.

The contains all information in one system, meaning you can access it at a moment’s notice. It’s incredibly convenient: just retrieve the information required about the relevant documents (e.g. purchasing inquiries or order) from Dynamics NAV. Without leaving the ERP system, you can display and process the required information straight away with the integrated document viewer.

Gather data quickly

A powerful and efficient document collection function, as well as the information contained within, provides the basis for all subsequent work steps within a modern document management and storage system.

The bundles your documents and paper documents together in a single system:

Managing your documents in the familiar environment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, using a central database to do so.

Incoming documents can be conveniently scanned using efficient batch processing processes and then be allocated to documents in the ERP system in accordance with a transaction, or conveniently moved to Dropbox using the Drag & Drop function.

File data quickly

The quicker you file your documents in a central location, the quicker you will find them again.

Scanning external documents, entering emails and allocating them to transactions in the ERP system have been made as convenient and simple as possible, allowing you to have a good overview of all aspects.

Reducing the proportion of manual actions, decreasing lead times and avoiding the possibility of parallel processing by several employees – that’s the aim.

No need to worry about filing emails: with the, you can file all incoming and outgoing emails properly, straight from the inbox or another Outlook file.

Benefits at a glance

  • All transaction-relevant documents in a single system
  • Storage of documents in the business process
  • Work with a familiar user interface
  • Less effort required in training and installation
  • Reduce IT costs by reducing the effort required for the administration of various databases and the installation and maintenance of interfaces with external Systems