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Many companies still believe that online shops do not meet the requirements of B2B trade, or the specific challenges of their industry. In contrast to this, there are the challenges of everyday business, as well as ever-increasing customer demands. Examples of this include the display of customer-specific prices and discounts, an increasingly variable range of goods or complex sales processes.

Open your webshop quickly and easily – 5 reasons to move your business online

Whether you are simply opening another distribution channel, you want to improve your customer service or supply your customers with high quality, current product information: is the answer.

There is a wide range of reasons for having a webshop and, based on our experience and feedback from customers, we have brought them all together to create a “top five” for you:

Increase revenue

With a webshop, you can reach customers with both high and low revenues. The time that you save with the B2B Online Portal can instead be invested in improving customer relationships and increasing future sales in the long term.

Another advantage of an online shop is the possibility for cross and upselling. This allows you to demonstrably increase your revenue, as customers are shown products that are related or similar to items that have already been selected. Revenue can be increased again with the rise in demand resulting from this feature.

Optimize processes

Many companies vary their range of goods and the prices they offer in line with the customer’s status. Rather than transferring these “rules” to your webshop, which is a complex process, the problem can be effectively and innovatively solved by means of an integrated online shop solution, such as the acadon_webshop. Customer information taken directly from the company’s own ERP system enables a clear presentation of orders, including customer-specific prices, products and their availability.

Reduce costs

By using the B2B online portal as an information portal for your customers, you can efficiently save costs. Frequently asked questions concerning product features or the availability of certain products and bulk discounts, as well as information on the application of individual products, can be easily answered through the sales portal. Answering these questions by telephone or email would cost your business both more time and money.

Save time

Order processing and tracking often occur parallel to one another in a webshop and ERP system. This may lead to double entries and delays in the order process, which in turn may cause the processing of the order and deliveries to be unreliable; as a result, you could be taking risks when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, if your webshop is integrated in the ERP system, the order process is automated, thereby optimizing your company’s efficiency.

Unlock potential

With an online sales portal, you give your customers the ability to not only place an order in their preferred way, but also at any time of day or night. Customer-specific prices and ranges are available to your customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experience with B2B customers has shown that there is an incredible amount of potential revenue outside of traditional opening hours. – the future of your e-commerce

Do you want to start applying e-commerce or optimize your online shop? The sales process is a key factor in your company’s success, and the establishment of an online distribution channel is in line with this notion. A webshop through which your customers can place orders quickly and easily and that is available round the clock is therefore essential.

Integration into your acadon industry solution

The ERP system is the hub and crux of the efficient implementation of business processes for your company. Many e-commerce solutions are advertised as being “integrated”, while in reality they are not. With the complete integration of the acadon webshop into your acadon industry solution, you can save time and money on the investment in endless interface solutions, and make use of the order processing business logics that have already been integrated in the ERP system from the outset. All business information comes from the same source and is managed at a single location.

Keep track

Carrying out searches for the same basic orders over and over again is a waste of time. By having an overview of the order history, your customers can place recurring orders very quickly. Thanks to the quick order process, your customer finds what they want straight away, without having to waste any time searching for products that they have frequently ordered before.

Convenient navigation

There are some online shops that are built like a maze. The lack of a good search feature is one of the most common aspects that stops a visitor from making a purchase. Therefore, the acadon webshop provides clear navigation functions.

Customer-specific prices and ranges

In, you can display customer-specific prices, conditions and ranges, which is not only easier for you, but it also makes the order process easier for the customer.