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POWER ON for your business

The acadon_business.power apps complement the functionality of the industry solutions with effective functions for specific questions and business processes in your company; for example, relating to the electronic exchange of data with your business partners, the connection of industry configuration and calculation systems or the dynamic scheduling of goods.


With acadon_edi.connect, business partners can be connected electronically to their business processes. Exchange item and order data, invoices and other information in an automated and controlled manner. Thanks to the electronic connectivity with the business processes of your partners, you can avoid media disruptions and double entries, speed up processes and save a lot of time.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the ideal mode of communication for the regular exchange of large volumes of data on the basis of long-term business processes and a great starting point for the optimization of cross-company processes:

  • Standardization of business processes in the fields of procurement and order processing
  • Optimized management of internal processes such as production, inventory, order picking, transport, acceptance of goods and invoice regulation
  • Structured communication between business partners by means of standardized messages based on the internationally most prevalent EANCOM subsets, which currently features 46 message types


Everything in stock – acadon_dynamische Dispo (dynamic scheduling)

Nowadays, the key to success for any company is the efficient supply of the necessary quantities of goods in the warehouse, a high delivery capacity and low costs, in addition to rapid reaction times and products that correspond to the demands of the market. Dynamic warehousing scheduling allows you to manage your procurement processes in accordance with demand. Excessive or insufficient inventories are a thing of the past. You optimize your delivery capacity.

No more ‘I don’t have any in stock right now’

The dynamic scheduling of orders and inventories in the procurement chain becomes a central function. It guarantees delivery times in line with market requirements and cost-efficient delivery capacity, as well as preventing excessive or insufficient inventories. The system uses the algorithms developed by Dr. Gudehus and was developed for Microsoft Dynamics in collaboration with the logistics consultancy firm Reinhardt & Ahrens.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of warehousing costs
  • High delivery capacity with optimized inventories
  • Reduction in the risk of inventory and devaluation of outbound items
  • Minimization of logistics costs
  • Dynamic needs forecasting