Our new release for acadon_timber is here!

Business Central 20 version as the new technical basis

fir release acadon

March 20, 2024 acadon

The current release of our acadon solutions is named after the fir tree, fitting for the falling temperatures. The technical foundation is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 20. This means we are utilizing state-of-the-art Microsoft technology as our base, allowing us to benefit from numerous new features.

What’s new in Business Central 20?

With each update, Microsoft introduces a variety of new features that greatly facilitate daily work (for a complete overview). We would like to present some selected features to you in more detail.

Use Excel for creating and editing reports:
You can now leverage the full capabilities of Excel for creating reports in your ERP system, such as using formulas, charts, or pivot tables.

Check documents and journal entries for accuracy:
As you input data into your ERP system, it is immediately validated. Any potential errors or indications of incomplete entries are displayed directly in the fact box.

Improved filtering options to efficiently find documents and entries:
Easily find documents, business contacts, item references, and more with the “Search Entries” feature. This feature, accessible everywhere via the Ctrl+Alt+Q shortcut, provides a variety of search options.

Convenient copy-link function:
A small but very charming aid: from now on, there’s no need for tedious highlighting and copying of links. Through the “Share” menu, there’s now an option to copy the current page link to the clipboard.

New Features in the acadon Solution

There are also many helpful optimizations in the acadon solution, some of which we would like to introduce to you.

  • Optimized Route Planning with Google Maps Integration
    We have optimized route planning so that you can conveniently define the desired delivery date during customer discussions directly from the order. Additionally, you now have the option to view all routes and unloading stations of a tour in Google Maps.
  • Customize Reminder Documents
    Similar to invoices and other documents, you now have the ability to customize the design of reminder documents according to your preferences.
  • Improved Processes for Automated Document Delivery
    You can now easily map standardized processes such as automatic sending of digital invoice documents. This helps advance your E-Invoicing efforts.
  • Streamlined Interface with Module Management System
    You can decide which functions you need and which ones should be hidden. This way, you always maintain an overview of your system.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed advice on the benefits of updating to the new Fir release and Business Central 20 for your company.

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