Agile working with Scrum

What's behind it and how you can use this method for your company

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April 12, 2024 acadon

Full house at the acadon_expert.dialog ‘Agile Working with Scrum’: In an informative presentation, our speaker, the renowned Scrum and Kanban Coach Stephan Frederik Becker, presented the topic of Scrum in an understandable way for all internal and external guests. After an overview of the background and evolution of the methodology, we quickly got down to business:

  • What is the essence of New Work?
  • What do we need to do differently now?
  • What impact does Scrum have on a company’s innovation capability?
  • How can we cooperate effectively within the company now, and what is our vision of collaboration?
  • What does concrete work with the Scrum framework look like?
  • What do we need to organize in order to work with Scrum?

Along these questions, Stephan Frederik Becker developed concrete scenarios using numerous practical examples of how Scrum can be applied in the company and in projects. And how does Scrum change project work, employees, corporate culture, and ultimately the relationship with the customer?

After dispelling myths and misunderstandings, it was time to highlight the benefits of the Scrum methodology:

  • The Scrum framework makes requirements manageable in small steps despite increasing complexity.
  • The Scrum team learns together with the customer in feedback loops (Sprints) how the product is implemented.
  • Due to the high visibility and adaptability of the development process, the likelihood increases that the customer will receive a useful outcome in the end.

The topic hit the mark: Stephan Frederik Becker engaged in extensive discussions with the audience, addressing their numerous questions. We are particularly pleased that, in the spirit of this new form of collaboration, many customers did not miss attending this acadon_expert.dialog.

Following the captivating presentation, the familiar gathering in Krefeld continued in an informal atmosphere with snacks, drinks, and, most importantly, fruitful conversations.

The acadon_expert.dialog takes place several times a year on various topics. All interested parties are invited to participate free of charge. Would you like to join us? Feel free to contact us!

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