Warehousing management system

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acadon warehousing management System

Consistent process chains and more rapid and efficient cargo handling are key success factors for future-oriented businesses. The acadon warehousing management system (LVS) offers a solution that, when combined with accessibility to the acadon industry solutions, allows a company to automate its entire logistics chain.

Discrepancies in the versions of data and information between warehousing systems and ERP are eliminated and users benefit from consistent information in all areas.

Manage the warehousing process chain

The warehousing management system controls and manages a company’s processes, from the receipt of goods and order picking, to the dispatch of goods. This allows a number of aspects to be enhanced considerably, including storage location allocation and route and space usage, thanks to the application of the bar code and radio data transmission procedures in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Thanks to online inventory management and the optimization of warehouse transit times, the capital costs of warehousing can be reduced. By using mobile data collection devices, warehouse staff can work electronically – without vouchers – when storing and order picking goods; this includes the possibility to carry out redistribution tasks electronically directly at the storage location itself or to update inventories. This means that orders can be picked more reliably and, above all, more efficiently, as well as enabling a quicker exchange of information with customers and suppliers.

Your benefits

  • Support and optimization of all standard processes within warehousing
  • Reduction of warehousing costs
  • High delivery capacity with optimized inventories
  • Reduction in the risk of inventory and devaluation of outbound items
  • Minimization of logistics costs
  • Integrated inventory management with dynamic demand forecasting
  • Simple operation thanks to familiar user interface
  • Minimal user intervention
  • Impacts of parameter settings are transparent and comprehensible