Analysis and Reporting

New perspectives for your data

There is so much to discover – conduct effective data analyses with

The amount of data is growing day by day – it’s high time for companies to build up their Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) – with Power BI, you gain a completely new perspective on your own data and can make more effective decisions.

It’s possible

In the future, you will be able make important decisions within your business using a fully-fledged Business Intelligence solution based on extensive, exact and up-to-date data. This can be done so easily that your employees will be able to put together reports according to their own requirements and expectations. You can also receive support from the BI experts at acadon.

Business Intelligence has never been so fast, flexible and dynamic. For example, when analyzing your data, you can access your usual Excel interfaces, and even large volumes of data can be evaluated according to various criteria in seconds. Either that or simply generate standard reports in a user-friendly and Office-like environment, making use of the new Self-Service Business Intelligence and Reporting Options.

How data is transformed into useful knowledge

Bringing information to life: Knowledge is power. Give your team role-based real-time data and they will make quick, sound and forward-thinking decisions for your company.

  • Allow ideas to grow from data: Finding the correlations between data, numbers and facts from a vast array of fields will create new insights. Powerful analyses help you to recognize trends and make the right decisions when it comes to inventory, staff requirements and product development, among other things.
  • Use BI on the road: In today’s digital age, the classic office-based working space is just one of a range of options. Productive work requires secure access to a range of items, regardless of location, such as company data, internal applications and tools, so as to ensure seamless communication with colleagues, customers and partners in real time.
  • Connect employees, processes and systems: Merge your appointments and emails with your company solution and benefit from a smooth exchange of data. This basis enables you to speed up processes so you can react to your customers in an even quicker and individual manner, and be more successful in the face of competition.
  • Have the potential of the cloud do the work for you: Thanks to cloud computing, the topic of Business Intelligence is becoming less complex. You decide where your information should be available and who can access it. In addition, working in the cloud means you can enjoy its flexibility and saving potential.

Analyze at the speed of light

With Power BI in Excel you can carry out effective data analyses in a few small steps, giving you a completely new view of your own company data. The highlight? Up-to-date information straight from your ERP system can be filtered and sorted using the options in Excel PowerPivot, or graphically processed and evaluated using PivotCharts in the Excel window.


Discover – Search and combine public and internal data (e.g. from acadon_packaging) using Power Query

Analyze – Model and analyse millions of lines in seconds flat using Power Pivot

Visualize – Discover and visualize data in a completely new way using Power View and Power Map

Power BI – what is included
  • Power Query
  • Power Pivot
  • Power View
  • Power Map
  • BI Sites, Q&A
  • Data Catalog
  • Power BI Administration Center
  • Data Management Gateway and a Power BI-App for mobile devices